Big Cwtch and Bloomin Well done!

A few weeks ago I wrote about how inspirational a group of young people who I've been working with at the Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy have been over the past months as we worked on staging Blackout by Davey Anderson as part of National Theatre Connections. This year has been the biggest Connections festival to date and marks their 21st year of producing new plays for young people across the UK. Along the way the group I've worked with who are Tamara, Caitlin, Callum, Olivia, Gabby, Ffion and Sadie have continued to blow me away with their professionalism, grounding, and support for one another. The focus throughout has been to develop their craft, create theatre that is relevant to them, and enjoy the process taking challenges on the chin.

I'm thrilled that our production of Blackout has been chosen to be staged at National Theatre London on the 28th of June. 

We're looking forward to getting back in the room over the coming weeks but before we do I'd like to say thank you to the parents, community and all the staff at the Park and Dare who have supported and championed this project.

A great start to our residency - Onwards!

Rachael x